Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spiritual Chain Letter

Received this in the email and thought of sharing it with all of you.


I'm Fr. Bob McConaghy of Greenbeltchapel ( Philippines ). I just want to make the point that the Catholic Church is opposed to spiritual chain letters, especially those that are rooted in the "gospel of prosperity" or God wants to make you rich and will do so if you forward such emails to 7, 12, 15 or as many names you have in your address book. It's idolatrous baloney. It claims legitimate devotion to Jesus, Mary, and or saints and frightens people to believe that if they don't send the letters something bad will happen to them.

I beg you please not to spread these messages anymore.

I've heard enough confessions in my 32 years to know how these letters fool and frighten people and give them a false image of Our Lady, not to mention that it encourages idolatry and a magical approach to religion. I am sure you were not aware of this and mean no ill will. There is no sin here on your part, you want good things for people and that is noble.

In all humility I would ask you to forward this note to others.

In Christ,
Fr. Bob McConaghy

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sambayang ontok Minggu diti 19.04.08 & 20.04.08

Tadau Ko-6 (19 April 2008)

Kopodsuan tanak tongonini id St Simon Duvanson
Jam 8.30 am

Tadau Ko-7 (20 April 2008)

Liturgi Do Boos Tobitua
Jaam Ko- 7.30 am (katekis)

Monompuan tombuhui - Tinimungan ko-2
Magagazu - TTK Hizavan
Rdrs : Christinus Jetony / Jessica Subinon
Pet : Petrus Binsun
C.M : Sylvester Amui / Christopher Boijohn / Anthony Mojigoh

Kopoihaan :-

Pitimbungakan warden kohuntan kumaa 20 April 2008 ahaps sambayang id bilik mitingan St. Simon Duvanson.

Pasaria Kaamatan - Ponjulon ontok ko 10 om 11 May 2008 tumimpuun mantad jaam ko-8.00 am gisom 4.00 pm.

Sukan Kaamatan - 10 May 2008 tumimpuun mantad jam ko-8.00 am gisom jam ko 4.30 pm

Lamai Kaamatan - 10 May 2008 Jam 7.30 pm. Tampat Dewan Raya Kg. Duvanson

Mamanau Kampung - 11 May 2008 tumimung doid natadon Dewan Serbaguna Kg. Tansau jam ko-6.30 am.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Sambayang Minggu ontok ko 13.04.2008

Sambayang minggu ontok ko 13.04.2008

Jam 7.30 am

Meetings & Discussion:-

CWL pasaria discussion - 13.04.2008
- 4.00 pm
- St Simon Meeting Room

2nd Kaamatan 2008 Meeting - 17.04.2008
- 7.30 pm
- St. Simon Meeting Room

More updtaes will be given soon so keep on coming back and visit us.



Thursday, April 3, 2008

Organization Chart

Pastoral Committee
2006 – 2008

Zone Chairman/Evangelization
Cornelius Jiloh Eyong
013 8884602

Christinus Jetony - V. Chairman
016 8395815

Jessica Subinon - Secretary
019 8021351

Asst Secretary/Worship
Erna Jaua
016 8461832

Committee Members
Henry Jianul
(Human Development)
013 8555549

Petrus Binsun - (Catechatical)
016 8040165

Stephen Polinon – (Education)
019 8615084

Judith Jonimol - (Family Life)
019 8104959

Volis Jiviol - (Ecology)

Sylvester Lojiwin
(Lay Association)
014 6762090

Finance & Property Committee
Tony Mojigoh - Chairman

James Sitawin - Secretary

Gerald Jetony- Treasurer

Catholic Women’s League
Mary Amui – Chairperson
Titik Mojigoh – Secretary
Quirin James - Ass’t Secretary
Ursula Boklin - Treasurer