Thursday, September 11, 2008

Duvanson Youth Day 2008 Part 1

Here are some of the pictures taken during the 1st day


It had been a while since the last this blog been updated. Sorry for the long silence. There had been a lot of activities and a lot of informations need to be upleaded so bear with us.

The Church Parish council have a new chairman and he is none other than Mr. Bonnie Mojulin and the list of office bearer is as follows:-

Chairman : Bonnie Mojulin
V. Chairman : Henry Jianul
Secretary : Jessica Subinon
Asst. Secretary : Petronella Amui
AJK : Judith Jonimol
: Quirin James
: Patrin Kontou

More to come

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Duvanson Youth Day (DYD-08)

Just a reminder announcement to all.

DYD-08 will be held on the 13th to 15th June 2008 which falls on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All youth from the age of 12 and above are welcome to join the camp. There will be a registration fee of RM5.00 to subsidies the cost of food and stationeries.

A lot of religious and fun activities will be organized including solo night, amazing race, workshop and a lot more interesting activities.

The first youth camp held was in year 2004 which at that time it was called St. Simon Youth Camp and we manage to get a total of 40 participants. This year, the organizer is aiming for another 40 participant. So come and join us and feel the fun.

RM1.50 for 5 pcs of bricks (part 2)

Last Sunday which is on the 1st of June is another round of the weekly “RM1.50 for 5 pcs of bricks” sponsorship drive and thanks once again to all the sponsors. We manage to collect RM675.00 from the drive.

Once again thanks to all the kind hearted donours and hope to see more of you next round.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Event Pictures on youtube

This is to announce that all the event pictures organized by the Church Committe have been uploaded in youtube. All you need to do is click this and type Duvanson's. You will be able to see a lot of pictures relating to all the activities.

Meanwhile, here is the direct link to the recent event which is the kaamatan celebration

Day Activities
Night Activities

Hope you enjoy it and we will be updating all pictures for all the activities in youtube and also in this blog and do visit us as frequent as you can for you will never know what are the update next.

Oh by the way, Duvanson Youth Day 2008 will be held this coming 13th to 15th June 2008. The organizer will only be taking 30 participant so do register early. A lot of activities will be conducted such as solo night and amazing race. Entry form will be distributed this sunday and of course there will be an entrance fee (this is for the food and stationeries) and for only RM5.00 per person. "Murah saja bah" . Come and join us.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

RM1.50 for 5 pcs of Bricks


Due to the increaseing cost of material, the Sunday School Building committe with the approval from the Pastoral Chairman have agreed to organized the "RM1.50 for 5 pcs of bricks" sponsorship drive which took place at the Church's compound after the sunday prayer earlier this morning.

The Sunday School Building committee would like to thank all the following donours for their kind contribution and with the contribution we have manage to collect a total of RM924.50. The drive will continue weekly and we hope to sell more bricks.

Mr. Jetoony Liajim, Mdm Soinis Lejon, Mr Abel Jokly Egoi, Mr.Jinot @ Bernard Ezzin, Ms Rozita Anthony, Ms Flora Benjamin Galawis, Mdm Rose Jianul Lojukang, Mr.Justine Jetony, Mr.Christinus Jetony, Mdm Ainie Menjuan, Mdm Irene Robert, Mdm Beatrice Robert, Mr Sylvester Ahmui, Mr Bonnie Mojulin, Mr Gary Primus, Mr Joseph Primus, Mr Joe Joibol, Ms Judy Primus, Mr Primus Jimuin, Mdm Anna Kontou, Mr. Joshua Jetony, Ms Geraldine Una J, Mr George Komijol, Ms Rosni Sintoh, Mr. Duncan Pilah, Mdm Helen Robert, Mr. Donny Polinuk, Mr Willie Lojitan, Ms Jennifer Tamansou, Mr. Gerald Binilus, Mr. Egoi Dunggoh, Mr. Sylvester Sidion, Mr.Joel Jiloh, Mr. Julio Jiloh, Mdm Jarada Will, Mdm Lina Gumporo, Ms. Krista Bell Jacob, Mdm Nancy Mojigoh, Mr. Victor Monsibol, Mr Bill Ben Senglai, Mr Jiloh Eyong, Mdm Dorothea Tay @ Dolly, Mdm Theresia Logijin, Mdm Mary Hiew, Mdm Jessica Subinon, Mdm Mary Yong, Mdm Mary Micheal, Mdm Helena Jominoh, Ms Petronella Rose Amui, Mdm Rosalind Binijol, Mdm Alice Jiliman, Mr. Stephen Polinon, Mr. Ed Juni Totu, Mr. Micheal Jees Sitampik, Mr. Robert Majanggah, Ms Arlene Lorna Benilus, Mdm Jovinia Komijol, Mr.Helom Miog, Mr Albert Egoi, Mr Micheal Bontong, Mdm Jovita Jition, Mr. Arnold Lau, Ms Almanda Lau, Mr. Lau Ching Siah, Mdm Beatrice Amui, Ms Avy Avonny Daenddy, Mdm Mary Menjuan, Mr Victor Micheal Bontong.

Sambayang Minggu Dumonto

Tadau Kohimo 30th May 2008

Fr. Jasery G. Pamakanan Tobitua Di Tuhan 7.30P.M
pnk do Rosalind Binijol om Kohominan.

Tadau Minggu 1st June 2008


TTK Hizavan Rdrs: James Sitawin/Erna Jaua Pet: Petrus Binsun
C.M: Sylvester Amui/ Christopher Boijohn/ Anthony Mojigoh

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Farewell To Rev. Fr Jassery

On this coming 23rd May 2008, the church community will be organizing a farewell fellowship for our belevod Fr. Jassery who will be transfered to Sandakan Dioces next month.

The fellowship will start at 7.30 with Mass and thereafter felowship. Those who wish to join us, please come over ya.

Will update on the pictures

p/s sorry for the delay on uploading the pictures on the Kaamatan celebration. Will be updating soon. Meanwhile do bear with the current updates.-administrator


Friday, May 2, 2008


To all who is going to participate in this year's Kaamatan Treasure Hunt, kindly be informed that the Hunt will start at 2.30pm after being officiate by our P.173 MP, Datuk Dr. Marcus Mojigoh. The starting point will be at the Church's canteen.

Kindly be prepared with your "parang, kasut boot" and extra shorts and shirt for this year's Hunt will be more challanging where you need to go under water. opsss... sorry..

Ok guys.. see you there

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spiritual Chain Letter

Received this in the email and thought of sharing it with all of you.


I'm Fr. Bob McConaghy of Greenbeltchapel ( Philippines ). I just want to make the point that the Catholic Church is opposed to spiritual chain letters, especially those that are rooted in the "gospel of prosperity" or God wants to make you rich and will do so if you forward such emails to 7, 12, 15 or as many names you have in your address book. It's idolatrous baloney. It claims legitimate devotion to Jesus, Mary, and or saints and frightens people to believe that if they don't send the letters something bad will happen to them.

I beg you please not to spread these messages anymore.

I've heard enough confessions in my 32 years to know how these letters fool and frighten people and give them a false image of Our Lady, not to mention that it encourages idolatry and a magical approach to religion. I am sure you were not aware of this and mean no ill will. There is no sin here on your part, you want good things for people and that is noble.

In all humility I would ask you to forward this note to others.

In Christ,
Fr. Bob McConaghy

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sambayang ontok Minggu diti 19.04.08 & 20.04.08

Tadau Ko-6 (19 April 2008)

Kopodsuan tanak tongonini id St Simon Duvanson
Jam 8.30 am

Tadau Ko-7 (20 April 2008)

Liturgi Do Boos Tobitua
Jaam Ko- 7.30 am (katekis)

Monompuan tombuhui - Tinimungan ko-2
Magagazu - TTK Hizavan
Rdrs : Christinus Jetony / Jessica Subinon
Pet : Petrus Binsun
C.M : Sylvester Amui / Christopher Boijohn / Anthony Mojigoh

Kopoihaan :-

Pitimbungakan warden kohuntan kumaa 20 April 2008 ahaps sambayang id bilik mitingan St. Simon Duvanson.

Pasaria Kaamatan - Ponjulon ontok ko 10 om 11 May 2008 tumimpuun mantad jaam ko-8.00 am gisom 4.00 pm.

Sukan Kaamatan - 10 May 2008 tumimpuun mantad jam ko-8.00 am gisom jam ko 4.30 pm

Lamai Kaamatan - 10 May 2008 Jam 7.30 pm. Tampat Dewan Raya Kg. Duvanson

Mamanau Kampung - 11 May 2008 tumimung doid natadon Dewan Serbaguna Kg. Tansau jam ko-6.30 am.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Sambayang Minggu ontok ko 13.04.2008

Sambayang minggu ontok ko 13.04.2008

Jam 7.30 am

Meetings & Discussion:-

CWL pasaria discussion - 13.04.2008
- 4.00 pm
- St Simon Meeting Room

2nd Kaamatan 2008 Meeting - 17.04.2008
- 7.30 pm
- St. Simon Meeting Room

More updtaes will be given soon so keep on coming back and visit us.



Thursday, April 3, 2008

Organization Chart

Pastoral Committee
2006 – 2008

Zone Chairman/Evangelization
Cornelius Jiloh Eyong
013 8884602

Christinus Jetony - V. Chairman
016 8395815

Jessica Subinon - Secretary
019 8021351

Asst Secretary/Worship
Erna Jaua
016 8461832

Committee Members
Henry Jianul
(Human Development)
013 8555549

Petrus Binsun - (Catechatical)
016 8040165

Stephen Polinon – (Education)
019 8615084

Judith Jonimol - (Family Life)
019 8104959

Volis Jiviol - (Ecology)

Sylvester Lojiwin
(Lay Association)
014 6762090

Finance & Property Committee
Tony Mojigoh - Chairman

James Sitawin - Secretary

Gerald Jetony- Treasurer

Catholic Women’s League
Mary Amui – Chairperson
Titik Mojigoh – Secretary
Quirin James - Ass’t Secretary
Ursula Boklin - Treasurer

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sambayang ontok minggu dumonto 31.03.08 - 06.04.08

31 March 2008 (Monday)

Pamakanan Tobitua Di Tuhan Jam ko-7.30 PM
Montok Do Koponogkotohuadan pnk di Datuk & Datin Marcus Mojigoh.

04 April 2008 (Friday)

Pamakanan Tobitua Di Tuhan Jam ko 7.30 PM
Kaandaman kho'40 tadau do kinapagangazan do Kinoingan di +JENNIFER LAI

06 April 2008 (Sunday)

Liturgi Do Boos Tobitua Jam ko-7.30 AM
Rdrs : James Sitawin / Mary Amui
Pet : Tony Mojigoh
CM : Sylvester Amui/Christopher Boijohn/Anthony Mojigoh

Friday, March 28, 2008

This Is absolutely beautiful

If God brings me to it, he will bring me through it.

The Lords Prayer .
Our Father, who are in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name,
Thy Kingdom Come,
Thy Will be done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day,
our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the Kingdom,
and the Power,
and the Glory, forever.

Hozou montok Tadau minggu 30.03.2008

30/3/2008 @ 7.30 A.M.


Kosombutan - BECAUSE HE LIVES - EN22

Koponongkotohuadan - SYUKUR TUHAN - MA47

Ontok Momuu titohuod - Do SAMBAYANG OM DO YOHOU – KA35

Kovian - EASTER SONG - EN23

*by Madam Erna Jaua*

Official Email

This is to announce that the official email for St. Simon Church Duvanson (Zone 9) is as follows:-

Feels free to send us any of your articles, notifications or informations which you wish to be uploaded in the blog. The administrator will review it and upload it soonest.



The New begining

We have been trying to set up the Website for our church but midway stranded due to some technical problem here and there.

It is actually a weste of money to have a paid website as we can have a blog type of website and it's free. So I suppose this is the new begining of St Simon Church Duvanson in the WWW world.

Updates on the current event and the history will be updated really soon. For those of you who wanted to comment on the entry and layouts, please do so. We also will put up a chat box for your own conveninece to interact with each other.

Thank you and God Bless